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Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
officers rushed -- were forced to shoot last night. 62-year-old philip holland was so combative they had to tsase him after he was shot. >> baltimore police say even before last night's police involved shooting, philip alden -- philip holland was under investigation began because of a domestic dispute. >> very combative. copies the, he did not want to be taken into custody. >> philip holland's persistence is what forced them to tase him, shoot him in the leg and tase him again. >> it could not have been good, the reason he was at union memorial last he was taken by ambulance to shock trauma. police had been trying to track and density of accused of a domestic dispute january 16. he was accused of attempted murder and assault. they allege he got in an argument with his girlfriend and dragged her out of a store on rowlands avenue and hampton avenue and began to hit and kicked her. at union memorial hospital wednesday night, police say holland was armed with a knife. they want him to put it down, but he lunged at them. >> we had some intelligence to suggest he was going to be at a certain p
Jan 10, 2010 1:00pm EST
of national policy who has written a lot about the subject and philip distinguished historian and director of the 9/11 commission. philip, i wanted to ask you what this tells us about al qaeda because at one level when i first heard about it i thought, all right, eight years after 9/11, what al qaeda has been able to do is, you know, really find some tactical opportunity, this wacky nigerian guy comes to them and says let's wire them up with a pretty sophisticated bomb and send him out. a very different approach and strategy than what was going on in the '90s. there's no great progression and does not suggest to me the kind of resurgence of al qaeda that people were talking asfwhout. >> let's talk about this. you have an operation over christmas day that has the exact same concept of operations as the richard reid attack eight years ago. before 9/11, 9/11 was the third large complex, intercontinental operation that al qaeda had mounted. they blew up two embassies si l simaltaneously and then they conducted 9/11, all three of these operations deploying operatives and staging them in anothe
Jan 25, 2010 5:00am EST
. philip stewart joins us now with storm watch coverage. could morning. what are you seeing out of there? >> the rain is not coming down too hard, not here in rockville. you mentioned the wind and the rain. it is that combination that leads to the power outages. the ground gets soaked. there are about 13,000 people without power this morning. most of them are in northern virginia. there are outages in the district and prince george's county. as far as the drive, it was not too bad. the roadways are wet. some of the side stripeets had water. allow yourself some extra time this morning. there will try to restore power. right now, those numbers have gone up. we will keep a close eye on up. it is not only cold out here but it feels almost warm. that is one bright spot in an otherwise rainy morning. philip stewart, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> d.c. council chairman vincent gray plans to speak out about some comments made by michelle rhee. she said recently that some of the 266 teachers who were laid off had sex with children or hit them. great wants her to explain those comments. he -- gray
Jan 17, 2010 6:30am EST
are three people who have taken on the task of mentoring and changing the lives of many young people. philip banks, president of 100 black men of america, which founded the all boys eagle academy school, we should note that's the new york chapter, beverly bond is an activist and founder of black girls rock, a non-profit that serves to empower young women. we'll get into that in just a minute. and bill strickland president and ceo of manchester bidwell corporation which founded the craftsmen guild to provide training to the youth in pittsburgh. welcome you all, greatly appreciate it. >> mr. strickland, let me start with you. you've been doing this a mighty long time. >> 40 years. >> the idea of mentoring is something that i think was years ago almost a given. you knew you mentored young people and some way, somehow we lost our way in doing that. talk to me about this, what seems to be thankfully, a re-emergens of people involving themselves with young people. >> well, i've committed myself to this work because i, myself, was mentored by a public schoolteacher who found out that i had value, p
Jan 22, 2010 10:00pm EST
both heavily armed. eugene philips exited the bank first. philips was firing at a 180 degree ankle at all officers who were pouring bullets into him as well. he's not phased by the bullets because he had body armor on he was clad from neck to ankle down to wrist in body armor. the suspect's gunfire was very loud. you have a concussion effect where you just hear that gunfire and it is eke yoeg ochoing off surrounding buildings. i immediately raised up my shotgun, and fired two rounds at the suspect. he immediately spins around and starts shooting in our direction. that's when i was shot two times, i was shot once in the hip, and one went through my body armor across my back. the detective i was with said, hey, we have to get out of here. are you able to still run? i said, yes, i am. my partner and the other detective as they basically laid on that asphalt, vulnerable, were seen by two officers driving into that parking lot, and they were picked up by those officers, put in the back seat of a car, and that officer driving was able to back out of that parking lot at a pretty good spee
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
local team will arrive in port-au-prince in hours. philip stewart is live with that story. >> new this morning, and more relief aid from our region is about to arrive. the comfort will get to port-au- prince in just a few hours. teams are already treating their first patients who were flown aboard overnight. doctors are providing urgent care to a 20-year-old man. this will be the first treatment center of its kind once it arrives in port-au-prince. crews will be able to provide intensive care. these are procedures that teams on the ground simply cannot do. the comfort is close enough that the ship to helicopter will start flying in just about an hour. it will provide much-needed assistance. i will explain what it is preventing some up medical aid. some survivors are still being found more than a week after the quake. there are some stories and we will bring one of them to you. >> thank you. >>> we have made it easy for you if you would like to help the earthquake victims. just log on to for a link to the save the children website. they have been helping haitian children a
Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
that disaster zone. stewart -- philip stewart has more. >> the u.s. is preparing tents at guantanamo bay. they can handle 10,000 refugees. some 2 million people are left homeless after the quake. i want to show you some video that has some people talking. take a look. that is 8-year-old kiki who raises his hand after members pulled him out of that rubble. he spent seven long days in the darkness. he is one of more than 120 victims who have been rescued more than a week after the quake. coming up, i will have an update on the progress that is being made on the usns comfort d the challenges facing doctors on the ground today. >> thank you. >>> since the earthquake, there has been an outpouring of support. the save the children center has been busy since the earthquake struck. the organization has raised more than $26.5 million. that money is being used to send food, money, and relief teams to haiti. >> we are buying supplies and sending them over. we're sending them over by planes. >> local companies are donating thousands of dollars. pepco is offering to send crews to help restore power.
Jan 25, 2010 6:00am EST
is the heavy rain and wind. >> besides the flood watch, some neighborhoods are waking up in darkness. philip stewart continues our coverage. he is live and rock felt this morning. >> good morning. -- he is in rockville. the wind is not letting up. the number of people affected has essentially doubled in the past hour. you see the numbers right there. 20,000 people in the dark this morning. about 2/3 of those people in northern virginia. we're talking about virginia power and pepco. outages from northern virginia to montgomery county out to anne arundel and prince george's and the district. we have video. crews are aware that people are in the dark. lines have come down. the have tried to make as many repairs as they possibly can. the other issue is of course the roadways this morning. some communities have traffic lights that are out, problems with roads break on the road, water lying in some lower-lying areas. if your alarm went off this morning and you have power, allied assault some extra time because you will need it the spot -- allow yourself some extra time. >> thank you. >>> clear out
Jan 12, 2010 7:00pm EST
. >> brown: at 82 philip leve is author of se volumes of verse and onef the nation's most nored poets. with pulitzer and numerous other prizes. but he srted life in detroit working in auto plants. sometimes waiting in le for a job as he describes his poem, at work is. >> this is aut waiting. ifting from one foot to another. feeling the lighrain falling like mist intoour hair. blurring youvision. til you think you see your own brother. ahead of you, maybe n places. >> brown: thesfeel familiar to you. levine recently joed me at the yancey richard segalery in new yk. he had written an essay r an exhibition of photogras by andrew moore that capture a lost world of troit. old school, homes, and factories including fo's ver rouge plant where levine himself once worked. >> when i was a young y working in these pces and didn't see way out as yet and i certainly di't think the way ouwould be poetry. >> brown: what were you doin >> usually five people would take an enmous piece of hot steel which four of us wld hold with tongs and put it to a huge press. what it was i didn't know. >> brown: re
Jan 11, 2010 6:00pm EST
suspended because of conduct detrimental to the ballclub. philip saunders would not say anymore, but it is clear he is setting the tone for the rest of the year. two others were noat the practice today because they had to speak to investigators about the gilbert arenas deal. >> we did not have a lot of time to think about it because you're doing other things all the time. professional athletes are based on rituals and doing the same things to prepare for games. but now hear this, mark mcgwire has come in and admitted using steroids. he issued apologies to his manager and spoke to the associated press and the admitted to using steroids for nearly a decade. most fans suspected both guys of using human growth hormone. but mark mcgwire was reportedly at -- emotional when he made the admission. it is now official, the coach of the seattle seahawks is leaving. there are allegations of agents and payments, steroid use and an n.c.a.a. investigation. but he says that is not the reason he is leaving. the new contract of $5 million is enough for him to move from the pacific northwest. mitc
Jan 3, 2010 11:00pm EST
had it. before blackmon there was one more game to play in san diego. philip rivers pass. hits fred smoot. that's got to be a pick. fred didn't hold on. the chargers kick a field goal. next possession. 4th and 1 at the redskins 19. rirs shot puts it to malcolm floyd. a wounded duck that somehow works. three plays later, he finds antonio gates 12 yards for the touchdown. chargers out to a 10-0 lead. more chargers. billy volek to malcolm floyd. a 50 yard gain sets up another field goal. chargers up 13-0. second quarter redskins offense comes alive, jason campbell up the left side. santana moss, bobble, catches it. 16 yard gain. campbell, play action, todd yoder. all he does is catch touchdowns. redskins trail 13-7. late second, campbell to malcolm kelly. look out this would turn out into the longest completion of campbell's career. kelly would be taken down at the 4 yard line after an 84-yard gain. three plays later campbell to mike sellers for the score culminated an 88 yard drive. led 14-13. volek intercepted by rocky macintosh. coughs up the bol but core lows rogers scoops it -- ba
Jan 13, 2010 5:00am EST
line. 404-4747. because of the heavy volume of calls, you may get a recording. keep trying. philip stewart will join us from the live desk with the latest pictures as we get them. pamela will be back with another live report. >>> lawmakers from maryland and virginia face a big budget issues. we have more from courtney robinson. >> these sessions will be tough. the have to find ways to cut or raise funds as both states have furious budget woes. maryland convenes their session today. they're facing a $2 billion budget problem. lawmakers will have to find places to slash spending. counties note this will trickle down to them, worrying it might affect things like education and public sety. one idea is a 10 cent per drink increase on the beer and wine tax perk it does not been touched since the 197's. a similar idea was shot down last year. martin o'malley plans to introduce a lean budget and trying to create green jobs. he wants to bush solar production and win the production, -- he wants to push solar production and wind production. virginia lawmakers are also feeling the budget crunc
Jan 19, 2010 5:00am EST
of many people. volunteers are opening their lives and their hearts to help people. philip stewart has more. >> good morning. the haitian embassy is asking for only cash donations. the have simply been overwhelmed by all of those relief supplies. as they move forward, they are getting some much needed help from the district. a week after the earthquake, so many thoughts are with the hundreds of thousands affected. this vigil monday night comes as mayor fenty plans to meet here today with the ambassador to haiti. the city plans to provide its command center to help deal with the massive amounts of donations dropped off here. the command center will help support the relief efforts as it moves from collection to distribution mode. thousands of boxes will be sent to warehouse where volunteers will sort it out. >> the outpouring is overwhelming. it is a lot of fun. >> the first shipment is due later this week. it will take more than one shipment to get all of this to the people who desperately needed. >> we need your help. this is what we need right now. >> the embassy will need more volunt
Jan 20, 2010 5:00am EST
. philip stewart has more on this situation there. >> new this morning, and more relief aid from our region is about to arrive. comfort will get to port-au- prince in just a few hours. they are treating their first patients who were flown aboard overnight. the comfor of boardt arrives but missed lingering problems. there's only one runway. aid needs to be coordinated with peacekeepers. >> there were concerns about security. >> that means more haitians are dying because hospitals doot have the supplies to save them. there is a fuel shortage. this man delivered 50,000 gallons of water until their delivery trucks ran out of gas. >> we give water to people. >> ang the frustration, there are amazing stories of survival. this young woman was pulled alive from the rubble of collapsed supermarket. >> she is alive. we're so happy she is alive. >> there have been close to 100 survivors pulled from the rubble. estimates of 3 million people are in need of food, shelter, and medical assistance. more troops are expected to join u.s. troops on the ground in the coming days. philip stewart, >> thank you. >
Jan 5, 2010 10:00am EST
of the influential will economic outlook publication. next to him we have philip suttle who is the global head of economic research at an institute here in washington, responsible for developing their economic work. and for product develop them. he is the author of many articles published. next to me on the left is jorg decressin, the head of the world economic studies division in the research department of the imf dechlorinates the outlook. he has led a the imf policies division and a mission to israel. his published widely on capital markets, reform, and stability, and european gross bank. he is also the author of a recent book about integrating europe's financial markets. on my immediate right, desmond lachman. he served as managing director and chief emerging markets strategist at salomon, smith barney. prior to that he was deputy director in the imf, in the policy review development department, and has written extensively on the global economy, u.s. housing market, u.s. dollar. his work at the american enterprise institute is focused on global currency issues. on my far right is hans timm
Jan 20, 2010 12:00pm EST
the teapartiers will try to leverage brown's victory marking obama's one-year anniversary in massachusetts. philip dennis is joining me, texas tea party organizer. hello to you, philip. >> hello. how do you do? >> i'm fine. i hope you are, too. when talk about protest and you think about people organizing in the streets. that's not the case. you are saying, people, stay home. why? >> we are not telling people to stay home. we are telling people to get out and get in the voting booth. no only just helping events with people protesting but organizing and taking the tea party message and fiscal responsibility into the neighborhoods and getting people out and getting them in the primary voting boots where we can effect change and then, of course, voting the general election as well. >> what do you think of colleagues in southern california who are suggesting people strike overall today? don't go to work, don't support businesses. just say your peace by not saying anything at all and stay home today? >> i think that's an isolated thing. i'm pretty in touch with what's going on at n the tea party world.
Jan 28, 2010 5:30pm EST
-year-old philip collin of north baltimore. police say holland had been wanted for second degree attempted murder and assault charges after he attacked his girlfriend outside a royal farms on january 16th. now the woman was taken here to union memorial hospital for treatment and police found holland there last night after getting a tip he was stalking a patient but officers say when they tried to arrest holl holland, he did not go down easily. >> he became resist tanlt. pulled out a knife. lunged at officers. officer tazed him once. suspect didn't go down. they then shot him in the leg. still would not go down. then they had to taze him a second time before he was taken into custody. >>reporter: now holland was taken to shock trauma and is expected to survive. but he will face even more charges including 2 counts of assault on a police officer. there is no word on the condition of his alleged victim. we will have more on this story tonight at 10 including the details surrounding that january 16th incident. live in north baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> new informatio
Jan 14, 2010 6:00pm EST
? of coursee're not afrd of them. >> the public st keep the ght to choose, accordgo cigarette makers of philip rris, who haveade official complaints against the government. >> e people are well aware theacts -- at thend of the day at they know that and they're not boering other people with their smoke tdo notlike to bexposed to condhand smoke, and i think e decision is theirs to make. > but public opinion in finland is not on the tobacco manufacturers side. only 20% of people here smoke now, and many of them support the government' efforts. >> i tink it is really good, cause it ia stupid have it. >> i do not wanty kids to smoke. >> if you do not mind smoking in the cd like this? >>o, i do not. >> perhaps it will not be long before it fiand's most die- hard smong -- smokers ar put up the habit altether. >> brits conside themselves a nation of dog lovers, but the way some pediges are bred wi their alth at risk. jeremy cooke reports. it is a questn of animal welfare and animalashion. pedieed dogs are bred to hibit a set of standd said to define a breed. but has it gone too far? zawas featur in a
Jan 18, 2010 5:30am EST
diego in blue. philip rivers to vincent jackson in the end zone. it would be only san diego's only touchdown of the game. that's because the jets' defense too good. green too tough, sanchez too accurate right here. a big touchdown puts the jets up for good right there. then later, the rookie from iowa explodes. the jets go on to win 17-14. rex ryan, again, this time last year he was helping the ravens get ready to play the steelers in the a.f.c. championship. now he's celebrating a divisional win. we want to make one more note. brooks robinson had surgery late in december, abdominal surgery. nothing related to his cancer. he's ok. resting well in california. we wish number 5 the best. >> a nice guy. >> now to the playoffs. i'm confused who to root for now. >> i'm going with rex and the jets. bart scott, jimmy leonard. all the ravens' guys there. >> it would be nice to see bret versus peyton, but i think i'm going for rex. >> how big would that be for that area. >> a lot of options. >> can't go wrong. >> thanks. let's get to one of your answers to our "watercooler question of the da
Jan 5, 2010 5:30pm EST
's speak to philip thomas. he has been away for 11 days in hawaii, and as well as the obvious security measures we think he will be announcing today, something of a damage limitation exercise politically for him. >> he wants to be in control, chris, firm, and share some of the outrage that america is feeling and show that he acknowledges the national sense of shock out there. there has been a great deal of criticism over the fact that after christmas day -- it seemed to take a few days for the white house to get its message together. he will be announcing policy changes, and we are hearing a bit of that already, with the decision for example not to repatriate yen many criminals -- yemeni criminals. >> is anybody in the firing line for the mistakes that have been made? >> i think people will look at the homeland security secretary, especially after she said that the system works. but the president has gone out of his way to praise her, and the president's spokesman said very clearly today that the president will not find acceptable response where everybody stands in a circle and point f
Jan 14, 2010 5:30pm EST
in finland. >> the public must keep the right to choose, according to a cigarette maker philip morris, who have made official complaint against the government. perhaps it will not be long before even finland's most diehard smokers put up the habit altogether. abc news, helsinki. >> britt's family consider themselves a nation of dog lovers. but the way some pedigreed breeds are bred put their health at risk. some have deformities or disease. jeremy cooke reports. >> it is a question of animal welfare verses fashion. today's pedigreed dogs and here to a set of standards that define a breed. but has it gone too far? the two-year-old boxer with epilepsy was featured in a 2008 bbc documentary. he claimed that victims like this dog could be victims and grow up with unhealthy distortions of the so-called ideal. the kennel club ordered an independent inquiry. today, the official verdict. >> some dogs are too inbred, or they've been bred for exaggerated characteristics which should not be allowed to happen. for example, the bulldog. it cannot have its offspring naturally. they have to be delivered
Jan 3, 2010 11:00pm EST
they started in new york, with a loss. the chargers are a good team. in large part because of philip rivers. a 12 yard touchdown. in the second, the chargers rucker up 13-0. here is the big play we have been looking policies and long. campbell with a bullet to malcolm kelly. he runs 84 yards, pulled down at the chargers' four. a couple of plays later, more play action. suddenly the redskins take the lead, 17-16. now let's move to the fourth quarter. offsides, derrick dockery. the chargers get the ball and march right down the field. he drops it. that would have sealed the game. instead, another chance. he stops just before the goal line. two plays later, the chargers win, 23-20. jim zorn making his final comment as this games had scope to. >> there are a lot of things out there -- i did that, but i am working on over to the meeting, i am working on our off-season schedule. >> he taught me some things i can continue to keep working on in my nfl game as a quarterback. if it is the end of an era here, that i wish him the best wherever he goes. >> this season is on the line for the baltimore ra
Jan 4, 2010 11:35pm EST
be surprised to learn that she is settled down in new jersey, married to the man known in the book as philipe and women have to adjust their expectations. you say i refuse to have him completing me. >> it's the jerry mack quire fantasy. we got to drop that. >> you complete me. t just -- >> shut up. just shut up. you had me at hello. >> it makes for such good movies and it's so lovely and romantic. but it's a lot to ask, that somebody deliver that decade after decade. >> reporter: it's not sustainable. you are in book, doing your part to debunk the hollywood version of love. >> what i'm saying is turn on the lights. sober up. >> reporter: let's back up and tell you how she reached this conclusion. >> this is a picture of me. >> reporter: she was working at a bar called coyote ugly. ♪ yes, the one from the movie which was actually inspired by a magazine article that she wrote. your bar tending here, you would get up -- >> dance on the bar. >> reporter: shimmy around. >> i was kind of the ironic bar dancer. >> reporter: she was 25 when she met and married her huds. five years later, they a nas
Jan 18, 2010 4:30am EST
moves right through. 58 yards. jets up 17-7. san diego, you have one more strike. philip rivers, qb keeper, chargers down three with 2:14 left. jets got the ball back, fourth and inches. they decided to go for it. they got a first down. the james is over. thomas jones up the middle, the jets going to the afc championship game. they'll face the colts next weekend. >>> meanwhile, the cowboys and vikings playing for the right to play the saints in the nfc championship game. brett favre, 0-3 in his career against dallas in the postseason. favre improvising and then hello, sidney. sidney rice for the touchdown. vikings up 14-3. favre, four touchdown passes in a playoff game. tony romo, he fumbles. the vikings recover, that would lead to a field goal. then in the fourth quarter, for good measure, favre to rice. once again, rice, three touchdown receptions. that ties the playoff record. the vikings win 34-3. minnesota/new orleans at the superdome next weekend. winner goes to the super bowl. and that does it for this espn news update. let's send it back to "america this morning." >>> well,
Jan 21, 2010 11:00pm EST
-old deborah, 9-year-old philip and their mother were inside a building that crumbled. their bodies have not been found. the children's father is trying to be strong for the five surviving kids he's raising in maryland. >> they get post traumatic stress because they feel like the house shaking with them and they're scared. >> the father has hired workers in haiti to try to recover the bodies of his children so he can give them a proper burial. >>> still to come tonight, controversy over an e-mail from a county board member to constituents that included a gay slur. >> yet another water main break if the area. this damaged a church and several homes. host: could switching to gco really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does elmer fudd have trouble with the letter r? elmer: shhhh, be very quiet; i'm hunting wabbits. director (o/c): ok cut!!!!'s i'm hunting "rabbits," elmer. let's try that again. elmer: shhhh, i'm hunting wabbits. director (o/c): cuuuuut! rabbits. elmer: wabbits director (o/c): rabbits. elmer: wabbits. director (o/c): rabbits with an "r." elmer: aw...this
Jan 22, 2010 11:00pm EST
display of affection in new york city. a huge billboard shows oracle's c.e.o. charles philips with a smiling woman. but that's not his wife. it's his mistress who he just broke up with. he said he had an eight and a half-year relationship with the woman and divorce proceedings started with his wife in 2008. the mistress spent $250,000 to put billboards up in new york,
Jan 10, 2010 5:00pm EST
, philip zelko, distinguished historian and former executive director of the 9/11 commission. i want to ask you about what this tells us about al qaeda, philip. because at one level, i -- when first heard about it, i thought to myself eight years after 9/11, what al qaeda has been able to do is -- you know, really find somebody tactical opportunity, this wacko nigerian guy comes to them and say let's wire him up with a sophisticated bomb and send him out. but a very different approach or strategy than what was going on in the '90s. there's no great progression. it does not suggest to me the kind of resurgence of al qaeda that lots of people are talking about. >> let's think about this. with you have an operation over christmas day that has the exact same concept of operations as the richard reid attack eight years ago. and before 9/11, 9/11 was the third large complex intercon tin ann ental operation. they blew up two embassies simultaneously. they conducted 9/11. all three of these operations where they are deploying operatives on a transcontinental basis, staging them in another place, an
Jan 6, 2010 6:00am EST
of the world bank group. we spent a lot of time on the financial crisis. my question is to philip suttle, and i want to ask him what will happen to the pace in europe, portugal, italy, ireland, greece and spain. in terms of what an unwinding of the eurozone would look like if it became unmanageable and the whole place falls apart. >> good question, and i'm sure desmond will have comments about this as well. i worry because precisely those links are so tied. you know, we have legal structures and physical structures that are not easy to on one, compared to, say, argentina going off -- or britain during of gold in 1991. i think what it leads one to is the conclusion that -- i will not use the akron, but those countries that you mentioned, they have to tough it out. you would have to use multi year austerity. you could say that we have used that before and it turned out not too bad. ireland being one itself, it achieved a massive reduction in its budget deficit in the 1980's over a number of years and somehow the country survived and even flourished out of it. but then, you have the ability to con
Jan 9, 2010 7:00pm EST
in life at georgetown, philip verveer, but theology class brought them together. philip too has ambassador status in the obama administration. the asked who ranks higher in the two-ambassador family, husband phil, their two children and two grandchildren, i am reliably informed, would give the same answer. she's the boss. their widely shared appraisal of melanne's white house role is this. no first lady staff ever had a political operative of the caliber and experience of melanne verveer. critics could point to no flaws except possibly one that would hardly disturb bill and hillary clinton. melanne has a tendency to be just a little late, just as i do . among posts that equipped her fer home run white house work and now her current mission, she coordinated civil rights and urban affairs for the u.s. catholic conference's national office, served as field manager for common cause, was legislative director for senator george mcgovern. before joining bill clinton's 1992 presidential campaign and later the clintons' white house staff, she was executive vice president of people for the american
Jan 10, 2010 6:00am EST
the democracy journal. now i would like to introduce philip longman of the new america's foundation. >> [inaudible] so i'm going to talk about the american veterans experience with agent orange, and before i do i just want to say right off that despite my appearance and actually a little too young to have been in the vietnam war. i missed it by a year, so i say that so nobody will confuse me with a draft doctor or a vietnam veteran who's got attitude. if i go into a rage i'm doing it on behalf of veterans, not because i am one. the other somewhat complicating factor for me today is as paul mentioned i am the author of this book, "best care anywhere why the v.a. health care is better than yours." and i have ownership of that book. it's coming out in a second edition. i still stand by what it says, which essentially is the va, despite its mixed reputation, has undergone a quality revolution that has a lot to teach about reforming the rest of the health care system. thank you. but the va does have problems, and when it comes to agent orange, many of those problems are very revealed, an
Jan 15, 2010 11:00am EST
want to come out of the shadows and the other have a mistrust of government and they feel philip morris will come in and wipe them out. >> interesting. let's bring in aaron. what do you think about that? would that mean that philip morris and others they would, right? they'd come right in? well, that's certainly a possibility. >> not that there's anything wrong with that, right? >> well, i think the marijuana industry would look more akin to the beer industry where you do have some large producers of beer who have maybe half of the market share and you also have a flourishing market in craft beers and the microbreweries throughout the country, and i think we'll probably see something similar to that. >> would this solve california's budget crisis? ? how much of the gap would this close here? aaron, what do you think? jane, either of you? >> the board of equalization estimates that taxes for marijuana, for the marijuana industry could yield about $1.4 billion and that wouldn't close the budget gap in california. not even close. not even close, but to put that in perspective that would pa
Jan 2, 2010 10:00am EST
the pressure of philip randolph and the march on washington that they gave in. you have a situation where if big business and republicans had their way you would have no price controls, no 40 hour week because they were against paying overtime, no hiring of minorities, you would have had a situation that makes the day's republicans look somewhat better. it was only because of extra parliamentary pressure like philip randolph's threat to move on washington that these things were finally changed. a threat which the communist party opposed because they were going after the war effort. in today's terms it is difficult to understand how reactionary much of the country was and what a difficult time roosevelt had and his own reluctance in many instances to do what in retrospect what would have been done. this brings me briefly to the holocaust where i have long documentation in the book because for the most part we're documenting things that aren't there. the p.m. did not say anything about holocaust until november of 1940 to when the rabbi made a famous speech in which he told the country this
Jan 21, 2010 11:00am EST
scott brown and he's this rising political star, philip. what happens to this guy that could have been vice president? is he even useful now in any political way? >> probably not. i think his political career is pretty much dead. you know, he came out in that '08 campaign, he finished third to hillary clinton and barack obama. there was some talk he might be considered for a cabinet post. i know he himself wanted to be considered for attorney general. but as soon as this affair came out and now the news about the child, it really seems to be over for him. >> all right. we greatly appreciate you making time for us. philip rucker of "the washington post." thank you. >> take care. >>> and a big ruling from the supreme court just this morning on the role of corporate money in national politics. earlier this morning the supreme court ruled that corporations can spend money freely to support or oppose candidates for president and congress. the justices also struck down part of the landmark mccain-feingold finance bill that barred ads in closing days of election campaigns. >>> and we're await
Jan 3, 2010 3:00am EST
. they can't give it to philip roth every year. so then i opened the envelope and saw that in fact they were asking me to host the awards and i was like that's cool because it is an honor. it is a big honor and it is also probably good for my career because on the next edition of whom moved my soap it will save from the national book award hosting writer. [laughter] and no one knows what that means. it's like a national best seller. nobody checks to find out. that means you are a best seller for one week in akron. no one checks. but as i read this letter from the national book foundation it did start to rankle a little bit because i realized when it comes down to but i was being asked to come here to give an award i could have won two other writers deemed more deserving. that is the situation tonight. let's not kid ourselves that is what is going on. and this brought back bad memories of something that happened a couple of years ago i got a letter from the eckert their foundation, the genius grant people and i was excited i opened that letter and found out that the macarthur people wanted me
Jan 16, 2010 5:00pm EST
-- >>> and philip from california e-mailed us writing -- now it's your turn to make your view heard. logon to facebook at richelle carrie hln to post your opinion. you can also send an e-mail. go to to find out how and also text us hlntv. start your comment with the word views. you may see your comment on air. >>> reality star heidi montag is just 23 years old but had ten different plastic surgeries done at once and had other plastic surgery before that. is the reality star addicted to going under the knife? >>> students who went to haiti to help the poor found themselves needing help to get out. their homecoming was bittersweet. the horrific misunderstanding that devastated some parents waiting for a reunion. >>> days after the earthquake hit haiti, more stories of survival. take a look at a little baby girl rescued from piles of concrete. she had been trapped for 68 hours. 18-month-old winne was covered in dust as workers pulled her out uninjured. they her faint cries yesterday and were determined to save winne. took them three minutes. both her parents were killed in the ear
Jan 4, 2010 5:00am EST
from a star. >> philip stewart has those stories and more. >> hello. we start at the box office. "avatar" is on a record-setting ce. it brought in more than $68 million domestically just this past weekend alone. that put it past the $1 billion mark world wide. it is only the fifth movie ever to earn $1 billion. the "sex and the city" movie trailer was released. one of the cast members is giving a revealing interview. samantha says she is so insecure if she could not even talk to a guy in a bar if she had to. she called the predatory behavior and that she doesn't consider herself a predator. if you watch the show, you know that this audit for her. we want to take a quick moment here to wish a special happy birthday to one of our own here. brian van de graaff. not only is it his birthday but it is tony's as well. >> my birthday does not exist at home because it is my son's birthday also. how did you find out? >> i just have my ways. >> he is turning 1. >> look at that. >> he only has one candle. careful. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. the ici
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
at the national gallery of art in 2010. good morning, washington. >>> "avatar" rules the box office. >> philip stewart has some of the stories you'll not find on the front page. >> good morning. it is a first for a first lady. michelle obama made her reality show debuted last by. this washe appeared as a specia. she said a secret ingredient came from the white house garden. tech blogs have rumors of a new ipod. you're looking at many alleged mockups. this is not from apple. it will be sold for less than $1,000 and will feature a multi touch screen with three- dimensional graphics. apple is set to make an official announcement at the end of this month. we have been talking about "avatar." one anti-smoking group is upset because one of the main characters is lighting up on screen. they take aim at sigourney weaver's character who smokes. "avatar" is one of several movies they criticized for sending the wrong message. james cameron said movies should reflect reality. if it's ok for people to lie or killed, why impose an inconsistent more rollick when it comes to smoking? he goes on to say her cha
Jan 5, 2010 5:00am EST
. everybody behaving from fredericksburg to the pentagon. >>> tiger woods has a new magazine cover. >> philip stewart has details for us. >> good morning. we start with pine valley, with a cast of "all my children" is celebrating a big anniversary. there have been a lot of changes over the past four decades, including a recent move from new york to los angeles. susan lucci has been there from the beginning. >> i wonder how many marriages she has had all those years. >> a lot. out to the west coast. more trouble. a doctor can be sanctioned acting beyond reasonable judgment. one woman had six other children when she visited the beverly hills fertility clinic. just hold on here. fans have heard a lot of stories about tiger woods lately. tomorrow, they may seek a side of him that is new. "vanity fair" has a shirtless woods lifting weights. they will show him unguarded. these photos were shot about four years ago, long before his scandal. pictures stay out there a long time. >> four years ago. >> capitalizing on some time. >> tigers saying, "gee, i wish i hadn't done that." >> he is no brian van d
Jan 5, 2010 6:00am EST
. philip stewart is at the live desk with these stories and more. >> we have a great variety. we have a serious question. how much would you be compensated if you survived a plane crash test a canadian judge said you were worth about $62,000. that's how much each passenger in a flight will get. air france will pay out about $11 million in total in exchange for the release of all claims of the accident. that flight skidded off a runway and burst into flames. everyone survived. there is life after cnn for lou dobbs. he is launching a new website. for $6, you can access exclusive question and answer sessions and message boards. he says he is considering a run for congress in new jersey. derecognized this voice? that is morgan freeman. he is the new voice of "the cbs evening news." he replaces walter cronkite. his voice was kept on the air even after his death last summer. the change allows flexibility to record different intros. about 5000 members of a popular dating site were booted from putting on some extra holiday pounds. is a dating website that has banned some p
Jan 6, 2010 5:00am EST
. >>> the blonde charity mafia will be hearing after all. >> philip stewarts standing by at the live desk with that and more. >> good morning. we want to start with a passing. it is one that caps off a survival story. the man died this week, 93 years old. he was the only person recognized as a survivor of the hiroshima and nagasaki atomic bombings. he was in hiroshima on a business trip. he then returned to its home town of nagasaki which suffered a second u.s. atomic bomb attack just three days later. he spoke of the united nations and wrote books and songs about his experiences. shifting gears, an update to a story we told you yesterday. the octomom is defending the fertility doctor that helped conceive 14 children. she said occurred doctor did nothing wrong. the california medical board disagrees. he has been accused of gross negligence. looks like a reality show will air after all, but apparently only overseas for now. a trailer for "the blonde charity mafia" will have a january premiere. it has d.c. socialites but no word when or if it will air in the united states. cw dropped its pl
Jan 7, 2010 5:00am EST
not hear her. let's check in with philip stewart. >> i can leave. >> sorry, sorry. you are going to tell us about this presidential pitchman controversy. >> just days after the first lady showed up in an advertisement for peta, the president is showing up in an advertisement for a code. this is in times square. a photo was used without permission from the whi house. the white house is asking the company to remove that unauthorized billboard. haynenes has dropped charlie sh. the company calls this pretty standard. sheen has been a spokesperson for the two company the two years. >> and i am el little bit, um -- yeah. >> yeah, is right. good news for mariah carey. she won an award as a breakthrough actress for her appearance in the movie "pressures." bad news is that people are talking about her slurring acceptance speech. she may have had just below a bit too much to drink before she got up there for that speech. we have had that problem with lisa baden from time to time. [laughter] we have to keeper separate. >> i think that is too much caffeine. >> everybody who knows me knows what a joke t
Jan 7, 2010 6:00am EST
. philip stewart is that the live desk this morning. good morning. >> former president george bush with wife borat needs more space. they have the house next door knocked down. they bought the second house last year for about half a million dollars. there was speculation secret service agents with stay there. but they just wanted more space on their property. bristol palin is going public, public relations, that is. she is setting up her own puic-relations firm in anchorage. she of course has made lots of headlines after she gave birth to a son in december of 2008. ta a look at this. in mcdonald's customers in kansas city was unhappy with her hamburger. she took out her rage on the employee. she was not -- she did not get a refund. she threw a bucket of water including a basket of straws, cookies, a sign, and she eventually pushes three of the cash registers. there is the first one. the woman was gone before police doctor and has not been identified. there was the 911 paul about the mcnuggets and now there is this. people need their mcdonald's food just right, i think. >> having it
Jan 8, 2010 6:00am EST
at the police say wanted to kill the president. >> i am philip stewart at the why of dust. >> later on "oprah," how one woman discovered her husband's mistresses. >>> hello. comes to the light sculptures at the national and gallery of corporate good morning, washington. >>> it is a cold weekend to be showing some skin, but some metro riders will be doing just that. >> hello. bundle up. we want to start with a follow- up to a story we told you about earlier about a man who survived two atomic bomb attacks. it turns out the man was recently visited before his death by james cameron to discuss a film project on atomic bombs. he was accompanied on a visit by the author of a book about work on a documentary. he died this way. he was 93. h &m is under fire for slashing and throwing out on sold clothing. a gduate student reported was happening to the media. a lot of people not happy. now they say they will donate all ounsold clothing. george stephanopoulos is getting a new chair. abc sourcesay it is because robin roberts towers over stephanopoulos at the news desk. stephanopoulos have even joked abo
Jan 11, 2010 5:00am EST
in a little while. >> thank you. >>> time to check in with philip stewart. senator reid is not the only one making headlines. >> we have rod blagojevich. he is generating some controversy. he made comments about the president in a new interview. he said he is blacker than barack obama. he says he grew up in a small apartment, shined shoes as a boy, and his father ran a undromat in a black neighborhood. he said obama was elected simply based on hope. these comments will hit the newsstands next week. the white house is not commenting. freezing temperatures did not stop a few hundred people from riding the metro without their pants. 300 to 400 support, they boarded trains and lost their pants. the goal was to see the reaction of the other pasngers. it was inspired by a long running new york ride. this was the third year d.c. participated. almost 3000 people said on facebook they would attend. 90% got cold feet. no pun intended. commits to it. >> where are the ladies? >> most of them were wearing boxer shorts. >> boo! >> that is cheating. >> you say it needs to be smaller. >> no pants is no pan
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